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You just never know when you might need one of these bad boys! These 5 inch (closed) Butterfly Knives have 440 stainless steel blades and cast metal handles. Very durable. All butterfly knives measure: Open 9" -- Closed 5.25" -- Blade 4.5".

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The world's fastest opening knife!  .Does Not Use Springs or Gravity. Requires only one hand to open on either the left or right side pocket. Unique design allows the knife to open while being pulled out of the pocket.

Open 9", Closed 5.5", Blade 4"

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$29.00 each


$29.00 each


$29.00 each





$15.90 each

$15.90 each

$15.90 each


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Every woman or man should be able to save his/her own life. He/she should be able to swim far enough,
run fast and long enough, fight back hard enough, to save his/her life in case of an assault, burglary emergency or necessity. The problem is that many of us are not in perfect physical condition, and probably cannot do all of the above.

This is where self defense products come into play. We all need a plan and a few personal security products to help us out when we get into a jam.

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"Courage is not the lack of fear. It is acting in spite of it."


Personal Keychain Alarms for purse or travel, apartments, dorm room
motion detecting auto dialerDetects Motion and Calls your Cell Phone!



Electronic Barking Dog

A really Vicious Bark from a   real dog. Detects a person through walls, doors and windows. Gets louder as they come closer. Great for when you are away from home to prevent vandalism and burglary.

Wireless Home System  


Telescopic  Steel    Batons   

telescopic steel baton, expandable

    Telescopic Batons - 3 lengths

Diversion Safes to hide valuables

  book safecan safe


Mace Pepper GunMace Pepper Spray Gun. Shoots 25 yards

                           bug detector


  Driveway Monitor Wireless

 voice alert

  with Motion Sensors and Voice Alert. Use it anywhere on your property, home or boat. 6 Sensors can be used per system. Record your own voice for each sensor "Someone in drive" "Someone by Pool"


See Stun Guns & Stun Batons & Stun Flashlights

100,000 Volts up to 975,000!

stun gun300K volt stun gun775,000 stun guncellphone stun guncell phone stun gunsmall stun flashlight   mini stun gun  

NEW! Rechargeable RUNT STUN


STUN BATON                           SEE ALL STUN GUNS





Incredible collection of Instructional Fighting DVDs by some of the meanest, smartest, most talented, fighters
 Delta Seal CampStreet SafeUnarmed Combat Course





  M18 Advanced Taser Gun

Advanced air taser

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lipstick pepper sprays

                                                                 18% Wild Fire!



 Pepper Ring


Do You Live in New York, Wisconsin or Michigan and Want to Buy Pepper Spray Legally?
Check out our dog/canine pepper spray and bear pepper spray.

Pepper Spray 2 & 4 oz Sprays & Foggers   Mace Pepper  GUN        
Pepper Spray 1/2 oz    Car Visor Clip w/Pepper Spray                    Pepper Stun Ring      FOG Pepper Spray
Pepper Shot 3 Pack     Police Pepper Spray  
Wild Fire 18%The Pepper Pager    Pepper Spray Book
Lipstick Pepper Spray    Pepper Pen     C2 TASER
Real Estate Agent Safety    Rape and  Prevention Tips
ALL Stun Guns Quick View   Stun Guns For Women
Stun Master 100,000  Stun Master  300,000v   625,000v
Stun Master 775,000vZ-Force SlimTalon Mini
Telescopic Stun BatonsStun BatonsThe Runt
Stun/Alarm FlashlightsStun Master Hot Shot
Cell Phone Stun Gun 800,000 volts      C2 TASER     Taser Gun
Kid Blinkies7-Function LED LightPet Safety Light
Cellphone Flash Lite
Voice Alert Driveway/Home AlarmDoor Braces
Mini Alert PIR AlarmVolumetric Air Pressure Alarm
Motion Alarm with KeypadWindow Glass Breakage Alarm
TeleSpy Intruder AlertElectronic Barking Dog
Magnetic Door/Window Alarm   Door Stop Alarm   

Pool Alarm   Home Invasion Tips and Prevention

Voice Alert Driveway Alarm and Announcer of Movement

Pepper SpraysPepper FoamMichigan Approved Sprays
Triple Action SpraysHot WalkersLeatherette Key Chain
Hard Case Key ChainPepper BatonsPepper Gel
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130db Alarm with LightElectronic Pocket Whistle
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VISEC Surveillance Software    VISEC Surveillance  
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Salad Dressing SafeSalt Shaker SafeDry Soup Safe
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